What Kind Of Cancer Does Gregg Leakes Have? Nene Leaks Husband Health Update

What Kind Of Cancer Does Gregg Leakes Have? Nene Leakes husband’s cancer has returned, over which many have shown concerns regarding his health. 

Gregg Leakes is a famous celebrity spouse, who is known as the husband of a famous American Tv personality. Well, not just once, but twice.

There is not much information regarding Gregg as an individual since he is mostly looked over along with his famous wife.

Moreover, most recently, he has been diagnosed with cancer again and is hospitalized. He was previously diagnosed with the disease and had gotten well. However, it has returned.

With this news on rising, Gregg, along with his celebrity wife Nene Leakes, has been a matter of public concern.

What Kind Of Cancer Does Gregg Leakes Have? Update

According to People, Gregg Leakes has colon cancer.

Gregg was diagnosed with cancer first in 2019 and had recovered pretty well as per the media sources.

However, after around 2 years of his recovery, his cancer has resurfaced and he is reported to be in a hospital for over a week now.

Gregg Leakes: Nene Leakes Husband

Gregg Leakes is the husband of American Tv personality and Real Housewives star Linnethia Monique Leakes, also known as Nene Leakes.

The relationship between the two has been an interesting matter of the public because they had an on-and-off marriage, which is not that common.

Gregg and Nene were first married in the year 1997 which lasted for over 14 years, resulting in their divorce in 2011.

Two years later, they got back together and eventually got married again. Ever since they have been together.

Matter of fact, Nene was planning on divorcing Gregg again because of his very rude behaviour while his chemotherapy in 2019, but He later apologized and things got good.

Gregg Leakes Age

Gregg Leakes’ age is around 66 years old.

However, his exact date of birth or birthday has not been revealed yet.