When Is Stella Kidd Coming Back To Chicago Fire?

Stella Kidd has never left the show to come back.

Miranda Rae Mayo is not expected to quit the program anytime soon. The actress only obeys the plot’s requirements, which calls for her character to take a break from the show to focus on her Girls on Fire cause.

Mayo alluded to the importance of the Girls on Fire initiative during an interview with Hello Magazine.

“I’d want to see more Girls on Fire, especially more of the character Aaliyah and how Stella, Kylie, and Aaliyah connect. And also to watch how Stella negotiate her impostor syndrome and find her space and limits,” she said.


Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) will return to the show “before the end of this calendar year,” according to showrunner Derek Haas.

To see Stella Kidd making a comeback, don’t forget to watch the fall finale on Wednesday, December 8 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. Let’s see how Chicago Fire closes the 2021 season. 

Was Miranda Rae Mayo On Pregnancy Leave?

No, Miranda Rae Mayo was not on pregnancy leave. Furthermore, she is not pregnant. 

However, nothing much is available on the actress’s personal life in detail. But her character in the series, Chicago fire, has a romantic relationship with Kelly Severide ( Taylor Kinney). 

Stella, in the show, calls a program called Girls on Fire her baby. The program provides young women with a taste of a career in firefighting.

It’s a significant event for the character, because of which she wasn’t able to respond to her fiancé.

Does Miranda Rae Mayo Has Husband- Her Family and Baby News

We could not find anything on her Instagram page that would suggest her husband, marriage, or child. However, in the series, she is the fiancee of Kelly Severide. 

Severide always seems worried about Stella as she hasn’t returned from Boston and hasn’t responded to him.

Severide was concerned about has something happened to Stella?. 

We don’t know what the program has planned, but it appears like she is simply avoiding Kelly, and fans are concerned that the couple could break up in future episodes if the situation continues.

However, Mayo also expressed her belief that her Chicago Fire character Stella enjoys her relationship with Severide. “We talked about Otis’ death,” says the narrator.

And I believe that having each other is one of the factors that assists her cop and him. “They’re really leaning into their affection.”

Whatever it may be, we know that the relationship is about to undergo a considerable transformation.