Where Is Dimple Cheema Now? Vikram Batra Wife Real Photo, Age Parents & Family

Where is Dimple Cheema now? Not many are aware but Dimple Cheema has been living as a widow of the brave soldier Vikram Batra who fought the Kargil War.

After the movie “Shershash,” starring Sidharth Malhotra in the titular role on Amazon Prime Video, many have wondered about Dimple.

Dimple’s devotion towards her late fiance can be deemed as the purest form of love and commitment. Unbeknownst to many, the woman is living proof of losing someone dearest due to war and how to overcome the sadness that loss has created.

Was Dimple Cheema Vikram Batra Wife?

Dimple Cheema was not Bikram’s wife even though she lived her whole life as a widow.

She was the girlfriend turned fiancee of Capt. Batra, who she met at Punjab University during their college days in 1995. At that time, Vikram had just finished his bachelor’s and enrolled in the Master’s program as a major in English.

Even while studying at the university, Batra was keen on joining the army and cleared his CDS in the first year of his master’s degree and left the university. Their love blossomed during that time, and they remained together even after Vikram left the University.

The couple dated for a whole year and got engaged before the soldier was posted to Kargil. Dimple stated that they had married jokingly in a temple they used to frequent, and he even filled her “Maang” with his blood.

Dimple Cheema Age

There has not been any information released about a Dimple’s age.

She might be in mid around 45-50 years in age. The woman has spent half of her life in the name of the loyal soldier and will keep on living it until her death.

The couple had known each other for four years and dated for a year before planning to get hitched.

The short time they had spent with each other was enough for her to realize the depth of love they had, and she was sure that nothing could ever replace that.

Dimple Cheema Parents

The names of Dimple Cheema’s parents have not been disclosed yet.

But they must be proud of their daughter for her devotion towards a hero of the nation. Dimple and Vikram’s family must be beaming with pride and happiness to see a movie based on his bravery and sacrifice for his nation.

The movies even depict their blossoming love story, which even makes it more special for Cheema.

Actor Kiara Advani was playing the role of Dimple and was totally inspired to hear Dimple herself speak about Vikram’s bravery, kindness, and whole-hearted love towards her.