Who Are Dustin Tyler Parents? Everything To Know About The Tattoo Model

Dustin Tyler is a famous social media influencer who was raised by his mother as his only parent. 

Dustin Tyler is a famous tattoo artist and an Instagram influencer. 

He was born in Mankato, Minnesota, and was a person from a middle-class family. He is a truly inspirational person. 

From being a drug addict to becoming one of the best tattoo artists in the USA, he has come a very long way. 

Who Are Dustin Tyler Parents? Details On His Family

Dustin Tyler’s parents were separated when he was too young.

His mother was never married to his biological father. His father left Tyler’s mother at a very young age. 

She raised Tyler for about 4 years and later got married to Dustin’s stepfather. They moved to Oregon, which was hard for Tyler. 

Tyler never revealed details about his mother or father in any of the interviews. He might want to keep it a secret. 

Tyler has talked about his challenging childhood in the interview with the global. 

Dustin Tyler Partner: Is He Gay?

No, Dustin Tyler is not gay.

He is a man with a straight personality and even has a beautiful girlfriend.

The rumor of him being gay was circulated and which seems to be false. 

Dustin seemed to be happy with his love life with his girlfriend.

But Tyler has decided to keep it low profile and not to disclose much about his personal life. 

What Is Dustin Tyler Net Worth? His Instagram

Dustin Tyler’s net worth is becoming a big question nowadays.

He is a man who grown up from a drug addict to a millionaire, according to many websites. 

His source of income is his Instagram account and his modeling career. He must have a good amount of fortune, but as for now, exact figures are still missing. 

Talking about his Instagram account, he has over 97.9k followers. 

Dustin Tyler has over 207 posts on Instagram and is following over 598 people on Instagram.