Who Are Sasha Banks Parents? Meet Reo Varnado and Judith Varnado On Instagram

Explore the life of an American professional wrestler, Sasha Banks. Here is everything to know about her. 

Sasha Banks is a professional wrestler and actress from the United States who currently competes for WWE.

Though she is well renowned under the ring name Sasha Banks, her real name is Mercedes Justine Kaestner-Varnado.

Who Are Sasha Banks Parents?

On January 26, 1992, Sasha Banks was born to her father Reo Varnado and mother Judith Varnado in Fairfield, California, USA.

Her mother raised her on her own, doing the best she could for her and her autistic brother.

She is an elder sister to her younger brother, who has been diagnosed with Autism since a very young age.

Because of his autistic brother, she has moved through a different city, searching for better health facilities and schools.

Her family eventually made their home in Boston, Massachusetts, where she did her studies online.

Sasha Banks Father Reo Varnado and Mother Judith Varnado

Sasha Banks’ father is of African-American ancestry, and her mother is German. When Sasha was a child, her father, Reo, abandoned his family.

Mother Judith took care of the family and provided a good education and future to the kids.

Sasha adored watching pro wrestling on TV since a young age, and despite her mother’s disapproval, she would sneak into his brother’s room to continue watching and learning about the sport.

Her mother urged her to develop a passion for anything other than wrestling, which aligns with her religious background. “God would not like this; turn the TV off,” she says, referring to her opposition to wrestling.

Any detailed information about her mother is not available as of now. Similarly, we do not have any information on her father; where is he now?

Is Sasha Banks Married?

Yes, the professional wrestler, Sasha, is married. She has been married to Sarath Ton.

On August 4, 2016, they married in a private ceremony with only a few close relatives in attendance. Since 2010, the couple has been in a relationship. But, their relationship, however, was kept a secret. Until their marriage, no one, even their coworkers, knew about their connection.

They didn’t appear in public, leaving the people in the dark about their connection.

Sarath Ton is a WWE backstage worker, costume designer, and former wrestler. However, he is not well-known by his given name.

He’s best recognized for his connection with Sasha Banks, his wife.

He was a wrestler for the time being, but in 2015, he changed his career to costume designing for the wrestlers. He created wonders despite having no formal training.

The pair have been happily married for a long time, and we wish them other happiness in the future. The romantic couple is also said to be expecting a baby shortly.