Who Is Alexandra Intrator as Janice Soprano? Facts To Know About The Actress

Janice Soprano Baccalieri, played by Aida Turturro, is an anecdotal person on the HBO TV series The Sopranos. She is Tony Soprano’s senior sister.

A youthful Janice has shown up in flashbacks, played by Madeline Blue and Juliet Fox. Alexandra Intrator depicts a youthful Janice Soprano in the 2021 prequel film, The Many Saints of Newark.

Janice is likewise a persistent malingerer. As depicted by her sister-in-law, Carmela, “she has no hard-working attitude.”

Janice guaranteed she created carpal passage conditions while working the steamed milk machine at a Seattle coffee bar, to guarantee incapacity benefits.

She advantageously guaranteed she had the Epstein–Barr infection to legitimize resting, as a getaway from playing out her obligations as a spouse and stepmother.

She likewise took out a home value credit on Livia Soprano’s home, professing to utilize the cash to assist finance with really focusing on her weak mother.

Name Alexandra Intrator
Gender Female
Profession Actress
Net Worth Under Review
Married/Single Single

Who Is Alexandra Intrator as Janice Soprano?

Alexandra Intrator also known as Janice Soprano who is globally renowed actress.

Subsequent to graduating from Sacred Heart High School, Janice joined an ashram in Venice, Los Angeles, legitimately changing her name to “Parvati Wasatch” in 1978.

“Parvati” additionally traversed Europe, remaining in Paris, France, and Sri Lanka, wedded a French-Canadian Quebecer named Eugene, with whom she had a child named Harpo (“Hal”) brought into the world in Seattle, Washington named after the tune “Harpo’s Blues” by Phoebe Snow.

His dad later returned him to Montreal and Janice expresses that she attempted to request the State Department to have him gotten back to her, yet was fruitless.

She functioned as a furniture mover and worked at a coffee bar in Olympia, Washington before at long last moving back to New Jersey forever. She is given full handicap benefits.

Since moving back home, she continuously refashions herself from a maturing dissident to an upscale, materialistic, North Jersey Italian housewife.

About Alexandra Intrator Background

Alexander Intrator is the most seasoned offspring of mobster Johnny Boy Soprano and Livia Soprano in a family financed by wrongdoing, Janice became careless of her family’s criminal ties.

For instance, “Johnny Boy” took Janice to an event congregation where different mobsters and their girls were.

The mobsters utilized this as a cover to lead crimes until they ultimately get busted (and Janice observes a cop shoot a mobster).

Both her sibling and uncle review times when even as a kid, Janice had an exceptionally hard nature.

At ten years of age, she is associated with taking cash from Junior Soprano’s wallet in the wake of visiting the Soprano home.

She additionally had a defiant side and as a grown-up, she gets a Rolling Stones tattoo on her bosom and is put on an Unwanted Person list by Canada, which she was for all time prohibited from entering.

While working at Kenny Rogers Roasters she once looked out for NFL player Barry Sanders.

Is Alexandra On Instagram?

Alexandra Intrator hasn’t been seen on Instagram.

She hasn’t been active on social media as of now.

Her relationship with Tony is frequently stressed, as he actually considers her liable for forsaking the family and passing on him to manage their oppressive mother alone.