Who Is Anderson cooper’s Partner? Everything To Know About The Journalist

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He is an American broadcast journalist and political commentator. Anderson is the primary anchor of the CNN news broadcast show Anderson Cooper 360°. In addition to his duties at CNN, Anderson serves as a correspondent for 60 Minutes on CBS News.

Cooper joined CNN in 2001. Cooper was given his show, Anderson Cooper 360°, on CNN in 2003.

Anderson has remained the show’s host since. Cooper developed a reputation for his on-the-ground reporting of breaking news events.

Who Is Anderson Cooper’s Partner?

Andreson was in a>, Benjamin Maisani.

Cooper is openly gay and considers himself to be always happy about his sexuality.

In 2014, Anderson and his partner purchased Rye House.

In March 2018, Anderson confirmed that he and his boyfriend Benjamin Maisani had split up.

On April 30, 2020, he announced Wyatt Morgan’s birth by a surrogate on April 27. Though Anderson and Benjamin are no longer romantically involved, the pair plan to co-parent.

Their son Wyatt is named after Anderson’s late father, Wyatt Cooper.

How Much Is Anderson Cooper’s Net Worth?

According to the celebrity net worth post, Anderson’s networth is estimated to be $200 million.

It also says that his salary is $12 million.

How Old Is Anderson Cooper?

Anderson is currently 54 years old.

He was born on June 3, 1967, in Manhattan, New York City.

He is Wyatt Emory Cooper and artist, fashion designer, writer, and heiress Gloria Vanderbilt.

His media experience began early. As a baby, Cooper was photographed by Diane Arbus for Harper’s Bazaar. At the age of three, Anderson was a guest on The Tonight Show on September 17, 1970, appearing with his mother.

Find Anderson Instagram

Anderson is available on Instagram under the username @andersoncooper. He has more than 2.8 million followers on his Instagram account.

His Instagram bio mentioned his current works.