Who Is Catherine McDonnell? Everything About The Wife Of Former NBA Basketballer Pau Gasol

As Pau Gasol retires hear what his wife Catherine McDonnell has to say about his retirement. Find out the edad (age) and altura (height) of his wife down here.

Catherine McDonnell is notably known as the wife of Pau Gasol.

Pau Gasol is a Spanish basketball player, a legend in NBA. After 23 years in the sport, he finally announced his retirement today, 5th October 2021.

An event was held in Barcelona along with the press for the announcement. The event included all of his teammates, family members, his wife Catherine McDonnell, his daughter Elisabet Gianna Gasol and Marc, his brother who is also an NBA player.

Pau Gasol Wife: Catherine McDonnell

Pau Gasol turned his long time girlfriend, Catherine McDonnell, into his wife in July 2019.

Gasol started dating his current wife a long time before marrying. Their daughter, Elisa will turn one in a month from now.

In honour of his fellow basketball friend Kobe Bryan, he put the name of the late daughter of Kobe as his daughter’s middle name. He also asked Vanessa, Kobe’s former wife to be his daughter’s godmother, to which she agreed.

There is plenty of photos on the Instagram of Gasol showcasing his love for his wife, Catherine. Now that he is a father, many suggest his reason for retiring was to be there for his wife and daughter.

Catherine McDonnell Edad ( Age) Altura ( Height)

Catherine Mcdonnel is currently 32 years old with a height of 5feet 7inches.

As Pau retired, many got to see him with his wife and people are curious about her age and height details.

She is quite young by age compared to her husband who is already 41 years old.

Similarly, Gasol is 7 feet and an inch high, and standing next to him, his wife appears to be quite small.

Nevertheless, she is quite a tall woman in comparison to any other average woman.

Catherine McDonnell Wikipedia

Although Catherine McDonnell does not have a Wikipedia page, she is well known for her husband, and also as a professional social worker.

She currently works in an organization Tess Research Foundation, which is built for the treatment of epilepsy and SLC13A5 deficiency.

On the other hand, her partner Gasol is too known for his social service.

He also set up a foundation with his brother Marc called Gasol Foundation, to fight child health and obesity issues.

Gasol also published The Players Tribune, a letter to promote the attention of female coaches in the NBA.

Although Gasol retired from playing basketball he will still be active in the sport as an executive now.

You can read more about the athlete on his Wikipedia page.