Who Is Charleston White? Know His Story And More

Charleston White at the age of 52  has become an internet sensation. People are calling him a snitch. Some are respecting and encouraging his work.

How he became a snitch? Is he on Wikipedia? Learn everything about him in the article given below.

Charleston White Snitch

Once, people had called Charleston a snitch on sharing information about gangs with the police.

He used to share his past experiences and motivate people.

There are both haters and supporters. Haters call him a snitch, and many people see him as a motivational figure.

Who is Charleston White?

Charleston White is the founder and CEO of Helping Young People Excel (HYPE).

He had come to the limelight after his comment on George Floyd’s death.

He used to be a TEEN Texas gang leader, and he has spent some years of his life in custody.

Despite having a criminal background, he is standing in front of the public as a motivational speaker. He frequently shares his videos on YouTube.

He has a huge fan following as well as haters.  He can be taken as a controversial internet sensation.

Charleston Age: How Old Is He?

Charleston White is now 52 years old, as per the news in The Sun.

His birthdate is not available.

Charleston White Wikipedia

Charleston is not listed on Wikipedia.

However, he has social media accounts that have lots of followers.

He is an American. He belongs to the black community there. Charleston’s past is not so smooth.

He has been on the road to crime since his childhood. Previously he was the leader of the TEEN Texas gang.

At the age of 14, he was sent to jail for murder. Despite his criminal background, he has built up himself from his past.

Now, he has established himself as a motivational speaker. Currently, he is the founder and CEO of Helping Young People Excel (HYPE).

He has a YouTube channel, where he posts his videos.  He has become a motivation and inspiration for many youths, especially black, out there.

What Is His Net Worth?

White’s net worth is not revealed yet.