Who Is FBI agent Daniel Alfin? Facts On His Wife, Family And Bio

Daniel Alfin was an FBI agent in Florida who was shot on February 3, 2021, in South Florida. He devoted his career to fighting the exploitation of children. 

A devoted public servant, Daniel spent years tracking down the biggest child predators on the Internet and prosecuting the perpetrators. 

Quick Facts: Who Is FBI agent Daniel Alfin? Facts On His Wife, Family And Bio

Name Daniel Alfin
Birthday 1986
Age 36
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession FBI Agent
Parents David Alfin
Married/Single Under Review

10 Facts About Daniel Alfin

  1. Daniel Alfin was born in New York. He joined the FBI in 2009, serving first in the Albany, N.Y. He then worked for the FBI’s Miami office for three years, since 2017.
  2. As per his bio, Special Agent David Alfin is now survived by his wife and son. More info on his wife and son are under review for now.
  3. David Alfin was only 36 years old by age but had done a tremendous job serving his nation over the time of his career. 
  4. Regarding his family, Daniel Alfin has two brothers. His older brother works in law enforcement in South Florida, and his younger brother teaches at the U.S. Military Academy in New York.
  5. Alfin led an investigation on a website, Playpen, believed to be the largest child pornography website on the dark web. The historic investigation led to 900 arrests in the USA.
  6. Agent Daniel Alfin was shot on February 3, 2021, in South Florida in the line of duty. He along with his fellow agent Laura Schwartzenberger were both killed while serving a search warrant. 
  7. Daniel Alfin was assigned to the Violent Crimes Against Children Section and was adamant about eradicating the exploitation of children in the USA and worldwide. 
  8. The veteran agent was awarded for his work in taking down a global child predators racket that rescued hundreds of children in the USA.
  9. Late Agent Alfin was actively involved in conducting programs around schools in the USA to help spread awareness amongst children about the vulnerable side of child predators.
  10. Alfin had an academic background in Information Science and used his academic skills to work against the dark web.