Who is Indian Red Boy? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Shot and Killed, Video

Indian Red Boy was a rapper from California who was shot and killed in an Instagram Live video, according to Hip Hop Lately. According to Hip Hop Lately, Indian Red Boy, whose real name is Zerail Dijon Rivera of Inglewood, California, was shot and killed while sitting in a car broadcasting an Instagram Live video on Thursday, July 8, 2021. Hi, SoCal. com and MyNewsLa reported that the name of the shooting victim was Zerail Rivera. Some sites gave the rapper’s name as Indian Boy Redd.

However, the name Zerail Rivera does not appear in the Los Angeles County Coroner’s database; Heavy has contacted the Hawthorne Coroner and Police to confirm the victim’s name and if the deceased was rapper Indian Red Boy.

The video, which you can view by following a link below, shows a man, identified by Hip Hop Lately and others on social media as the Indian Red Boy, sitting in a car when he was apparently shot. He then he seems to have a hard time speaking and has blood on his face.

The Hip Hop Lately report says the shooting may be due to disrespect shown to a Nipsey Hussle mural, but this has not been confirmed by authorities. A Reddit thread makes the same unconfirmed claim, saying, “Wild shots caught live.” The thread claims that a friend of Indian Red Boy “is the guy who spray-painted over the Nispey Hustles memorial.”

People expressed surprise after watching the video on Twitter. “Man I never want to see that Indian Red Boy video again and I hate that it made it onto my timeline. Clearly retaliation for the nipsey mural, but man … that was a lot,” wrote one man.

Indian Red Boy Age

Indian Red Boy’s age is unknown.

Video shows a man being shot while sitting in a car

You can see the video here on Facebook. Within a minute, the victim was talking to a friend when the multiple shots rang out. “What the hell,” says his friend. The victim appears to be trying to speak but failing.

A KCAL television report reported that Hawthorne police were at the scene of the shooting. The victim was a “man in his 20s who was shot to death inside this car.” The reporter said there were a lot of bullet holes in the car. History does not name it. He was shot in the face and he died at the scene, the television reporter said in the report, saying the family was at the scene and a large crowd was gathering.

“A man in his 20s died tonight after being shot in the face,” the KCAL journalist reported. Heavy has contacted Hawthorne Police for more details.

Authorities said the victim had gang ties

The city’s news service quoted Hawthorne Police Lt. Ti Goetz as saying the victim “appears to be a gang member” and “appears to be an upward-directed shooting.”

CBS Los Angeles reported that the shooting occurred while the man was sitting inside a car at 4 p.m. in the 14100 block of Chadron Avenue. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

On his Instagram page, people offered tributes to Indian Red Boy, and some people made references to the Bloods gangs. “Rest easy blxxd 🕊️” wrote one. “No no no no uuu, come on get up we have many memories, 😢” wrote another. “Rip big brother if he could just see you one more time resting easily up there,” someone else wrote.

Photos on the Indian Red Boy’s Instagram page show him with guns and flashing gang signs. MTO News reported that the Indian Red Boy shooting could have been related to a video he posted on Instagram in which he shows himself dancing and “throwing up gang posters.”

“MTO News learned that the signals he was throwing up in the video were ‘disrespectful’ from other bands in Los Angeles,” the outlet wrote. And the next day, Indian Red Boy went to Instagram Live to explain why he made those supposedly offensive hanging signs. And during Live, he was assassinated. ”