Who is Cop Jesse Chambers From Terre Haute Indiana?

Jesse Chambers is a police officer who works as an investigator in the United States of America.

His video, in which he booted the dog a couple of times during an inquiry at a residence, was widely circulated across the world. At midnight, Jesse and another police officer (name withheld) arrived at a residence for an inquiry.

Jesse and another officer knocked on the door after kicking a dog, but no one answered from within. The police officer is then informed by a community neighbor that the house owner has left, and both the police officer and the community neighbor depart.

Then, as he enters the home, he kicks the dog a couple of times. The exact motive for kicking a dog, however, has yet to be discovered.

Officer Jesse Chambers Dog Kicking Video Viral On Reddit

According to the video, Jesse Chambers, a Terre Haute Indiana cop, was the first police to approach the suspected residence.

Jesse was approached by an inquisitive dog that, according to several neighbors, had driven away from the invaders only minutes before. The responding officer then viciously struck the checking dog four times, injuring it so badly that it bolted, terrified.

The poor soul was tormented for no obvious cause other than Jesse’s distress, and the icy scene added to the toil. Jesse then pounded on the front door repeatedly, pleading with the owners to come out and confront them and validate the first story.

The owners took the severity with which he slammed the front door and his first rage at the pet as a big insult, and they screamed out for aid on social media.

Who Is Jesse Chambers Wife?

Jesse Chamber has kept his wife and family details a secret due to the chaos he has been involved in.

However, his family details, including his wife and children, might be out after an investigation. So, stay tuned.

How Old Is Jesse Chambers: Age

Jesse Chamber’s age is expected to be between 40 to 45 years old.

However, the exact age details have not been out to date.