Who Is Sheridan Edley? Jason Mraz Ex-Wife

Sheridan Edley, aka Gloria Sheridan Edley, is an actress who is best known for her performance as a businesswoman for Retracing Your Steps (2010).

Besides, Edley is popularly known for being the ex-wife of an American guitarist and songwriter, Jason Mraz.

The pair got married on December 31, 2000, and just a year after their marriage, they got divorced in April 2002.

After years of their divorce, Sheridan Edley got married to Mark Geller on August 26, 2013. They have been living a peaceful and happy married life till now.

On the other hand, Jason had a long list of relationships, but in June 2018, some media reports state that the poem “I am bi your side” represented Mraz’s coming out as bisexual.

Sheridan Edley And Jason Mraz Split Reasons

The reason behind Sheridan Edley and Jason Mraz’s separation hasn’t been revealed yet.

The pair filed for divorce just a year after their marriage.

How Old Is Sheridan Edley? Age Explored

Sheridan Edley hasn’t revealed her age so far. Meanwhile, she hasn’t cited her date of birth so, Edley’s age is still under review.

Despite being an actress, Edley has kept her personal information hidden from the public and media.

It seems like Edley is very keen on holding her professional ground and will never talk about anything that isn’t related to her profession.

Sheridan Edley Net Worth

Sheridan Edley, without a doubt, holds an impressive amount of net worth from her respectable career as an actress. Meanwhile, we are yet some steps backward to obtain her net worth holding and wealth at the moment.

We assume Sheridan has amassed a weighty fortune from her career as an actress.