Who Is Shinise Harvey? Mother Of Kuaron Harvey Devastated By Son’s Accidental Death On Live

Shinise Harvey, a mother of 12-year-old Paris Harvey, is mourning the death of her daughter Paris after she accidentally shot his 14-year-old cousin, Kuaron Harvey, and later killed herself too.

Two children who were live streaming in their family’s St. Louis apartment were killed on Friday when one of them fatally shot the other before killing herself according to officials.

According to the police, the 12 -year-old girl shot her 14-year-old cousin and hen shot herself in the apartment at 2 a.m. while shooting an Instagram Live video,

Authorities are still looking into the incident which was first suspected as a murder-suicide.

Who Is Shinise Harvey? Kuaron Harvey Mom Age 35 Devastated By Son’s Death

Shinise Harvey, aged 35, is the mother of 12-year old Paris Harvey, who accidentally shot her 14-year old cousin, Kuaron Harvey, and then killed herself while filming on Instagram Live during a birthday celebration.

The incident, which occurred at a house the family leased to celebrate birthdays was initially reported as a murder-suicide by St Louis Police. It was later described as a “freak accident” by the children’s relatives.

Kuaron is thought to have brought the gun to the party, but investigators are still looking into who the firearm was registered to. It’s unknown whether law enforcement will file charges against any adults in charge of the kids or their parents.

Harvey claimed she had heard about it from family members but had not seen the video. Before the incident, she said the cousins were ‘trying to be too cool’ by the live streaming from the bathroom of their downtown residence.

Shinise Harvey And Parents Of Kuaron Harvey

Shinise Harvey and the father of Kuaron Harvey are siblings and are mourning the loss of their daughter and sons after the traffic incident. Reports of a murder-suicide have been debunked by relatives, who claim it was a “freak accident.”

Susan Dyson, Paris’ grandmother, said she observed the two cousins’ Instagram Live video together. Paris rushed for the gun after Kuaron got shot in the head, and it may have accidentally gone off, hurting her in the head as well.

According to family members, Paris and Kuaron were very close, calling each other brother and sister and always face timing, rapping, making movies, and performing pranks on each other.

Paris’ aunt, Angel Dyson, also told the newspaper that the cousins pretended to be ‘older than they were.’