Who Is Toni Henthorn Daughter Haley Bertolet And Partner Harold Henthorn? Wild Crime ABC

Toni Henthorn was a woman who was married to her husband Harold Henthorn and had a daughter Haley Bertolet. 

Toni Henthorn was a woman who has found dead in the Rocky Mountain.

A federal jury in Denver found Harold Henthorn of Highlands Ranch guilty of first-degree murder in the death of his wife, Toni Henthorn.

Who is Toni Henthorn Daughter Haley Bertolet & Where Is She Now?

Toni Henthorn’s daughter Haley Bertolet is now under the custody of her uncle and her aunt.

She was once pushed off from the cliff by her father Harold Henthorn in an attempt to kill her.

Toni Henthorn’s kid had her new guardians, her uncle, and aunt, appointed by a Denver court on Wednesday.

Toni’s brother, Barry Bertolet, and his wife Paula have taken permanent custody of Haley Henthorn.

Barry, a Mississippi physician, thinks that Haley’s presence would provide her a new beginning after a period of sorrow.

Barbara Cashman, Haley’s guardian ad litem, spoke about what she termed “acts of treachery” to the girl at Harold Henthorn’s sentencing trial.

He was sentenced to life in prison for throwing Toni over a cliff in Rocky Mountain National Park in 2012.

Cashman noticed symptoms of manipulation from the moment she met Haley in April 2014, including the girl’s attempt to persuade her that her mother was clumsy.

Haley and Paula are headed back to Mississippi to start their new lives together.

Who is Toni Henthorn Husband Harold Henthorn? Wikipedia

Toni Henthorn was married to her husband Harold Henthorn.

Both in a hurry to have a kid, the couple met online in late 1999 and married nine months later.

She worked as an ophthalmologist. He was a successful hospital and church fundraiser. They finally had a daughter, Haley, after years of trying.

Toni lost her balance on a high cliff in Rocky Mountain National Park on September 29th, 2012, and bled out 130 feet below her fall.

Later it was found that Harold was the one who pushed her from the cliff.

Harold Henthorn was found guilty of murdering his second wife Toni by a federal jury on Monday.

Toni Henthorn Death: Wild Crime ABC Story Explained

Toni Henthorn was a normal woman who was married to Harold Henthorn.

Harold was a serial killer according to the police who killed Toni by pushing her from over the cliff.

Later it was found out that Harold also killed his first wife, and then was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The case about Toni took a hype in 2014 when it was found that she was also the victim of a serial killer.

What Is Toni Henthorn Age

Toni’s age was expected to be around 40 years old.

She was a young woman who had recently married Harold, but that was not a very good decision for Toni.

Toni died after falling from the cliff and was survived by her daughter Haley.