Who Is Twitch Star Naowh Girlfriend @notsofi?

Naowh presently sees his longtime girlfriend, who goes by the handle @notsofi, on Instagram.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about his girlfriend available. However, he routinely posts photographs on his social media account. He refers to her as his fiancee on social media.

The couple got engaged ten weeks ago and has posted great pictures with each other. Likewise, there is no detail about his fiancee’s real identity.

Learn About Naowh Real Name And Age

Naowh has yet to divulge his true identity to the media.

He prefers to go by the stage name Naowh. It could be his initial name; however, there is no additional information concerning his entire name aside from the internet.

The twitch star was born on December 7, 1993, and he is only 26 years old at the moment. There isn’t much information available on his height, weight, or other bodily measurements.

He is a Swedish citizen born in the city of Goteborg in the Swedish province of Sverige.

How Much Is Twitch Star Naowh Net Worth?

Even though he should be generating a great deal of money from his broadcasting job, Naowh’s net worth is yet revealed.

Based on his lifestyle, his work earnings have enabled him to live a comfortable and satisfying life.

On the other hand, he does not yet have a Wikipedia page dedicated to him.

Nonetheless, he has been the subject of countless news stories and pieces in his life. His streams have recently gained international recognition, and he has been increasing popularity as a result.

Explore Naowh On Twitter and Instagram

On Instagram, Naowh goes by the handle @naowh, and she goes by the name @Naowhxd on Twitter.

The player presently has about 6k followers and follows roughly 169 individuals. According to his bio, he is a Twitch professional broadcaster.

On his social media accounts, he is highly active. His Instagram posts span from photographs of him with his fiancée to advertisements for his broadcast on several platforms.