Who Was Matthew McGrory, What Was His Height and the Cause of His Death?

There is a long list of actors in the entertainment world who have come with one distinguishing factor or the other. In the case of American actor Matthew McGrory, he can be easily picked out from a crowd thanks to his gigantic height of 2.29 m which is responsible for the level of success he was able to record in the movie world within a very short expanse of time.

The Pennsylvania native started getting mainstream attention quite early in life. The initial days of his career in entertainment saw him on the set of two popular shows; Oprah Winfrey’s Talk Show and The Howard Stern Show. He later went on to get his acting debut in Malcolm in the Middle –where he featured in only a single episode.

That same year, Matthew McGrory showed up in the cinemas for the first time in the adventure comedy Bubble Boy. The colossal actor’s heydays in the movie world left a lot of memorable roles like his portrayal of Karl the Giant in Big Fish, a very tall alien in Men in Black II, and then in Charmed as the Ogre. His other acting credits include Carnivàle where he gave expression to the role of the Giant and ShadowBox where he played the character of Hort Willows. Although he died in 2005, his legacy still lives on as Guinness World Record named him the tallest actor that ever lived, as well the person with the longest toe and biggest feet.

Who Was Matthew McGrory?

Matthew McGrory’s mother is a homemaker named Maureen while his dad, William McGrory, earned a living as an accountant. The giant of a man was born on the 17th of May 1973 in West Chester, Pennsylvania. While it is not known if he is the only offspring of his parents or if he had other siblings, it is public knowledge that the American’s ancestry is rooted in Ireland and Scotland.

Nothing is known about his early academic endeavors but the famed actor had always shown interest in the legal profession which led him to pursue a pre-law degree at the Widener University. Matthew, later on, proceeded to West Chester University where he majored in criminal justice.

How Tall Was He?

The moment he was born, nobody needed to tell Matthew McGrory’s parents that their baby came with extraordinary height. With a body weight of 15 pounds, the new baby measured 29 inches in length and as the years rolled by, he started to draw public attention with his exceptional height. The young Matthew grew in leaps and bounds, measuring 1.5 m (which is about five feet) upon his graduation from kindergarten.

By the time he stepped foot into adulthood, Matthew McGrory stood taller than the tallest of men at a gigantic height of 2.29 m which is approximately 7 feet 6 inches tall. Some people might see his great height as a disadvantage but it was exactly what brought him to the limelight in no time at all.

Talking about his body weight, it was last listed as 144kg which is the same as 317 lbs, making him appear lanky and gangly. There is no information regarding his cloth measurements but he wore a shoe size of 29.5 (US).

A colossal human being like Matthew McGrory cannot go without sparking a lot of speculations which led people to start questioning the cause of his massive height. However, several reports have attributed it to a hormonal anomaly.

What Did He Die of?

It is quite unfortunate that Matthew McGrory did not live very long as the giant actor’s life was cut short in his prime. He was just 32 years old when he died on the 8th of August 2005, with his cause of death reported as natural causes resulting from heart failure.

Following his death, the late actor made the Guinness World Records for having the biggest toes, longest feet and for being the tallest actor to ever walk the earth. The movie world paid him a tribute by dedicating the film The Devil’s Rejects by Rob Zombie to his memory. Matthew McGrory was set to appear in the 2007 film Andre: Heart of the Giant where he was expected to portray the character of André the Giant, however, he was only able to film a few scenes before death came calling.