Who was Melanie Olmstead in “Yellowstone”? Cause Of Death

Who was Melanie Olmstead?

Melanie Olmstead was a crew member of several high profile Hollywood shows, series and films, working in the location management and transportation department. However, she only came into the limelight with the ending credits of the second season of the western-drama series “Yellowstone” in 2019 – “In Memory of Melanie Olmstead (1968-2019).

Melanie Olmstead Wiki- Age, Childhood, and Education

Melanie Olmstead was born on the 15th of November 1968, in Salt Lake City, Utah USA; Melanie’s biological parents are unknown, as she was adopted by Reid Howard, a US Army veteran, and his first wife, Janet Corbridge. Reid’s wife passed away when Melanie was 11 years old, and her adoptive father later remarried, to Loa Rose Hanson. Melanie spent her formative years enjoying outdoor activities – one of her major interests was horse riding.


Melanie wasn’t an actress, but she found a way to make it in Hollywood without acting talent. Her first project on which she worked was as a location assistant on the film “Primary Suspect” in 2000, starring William Baldwin, Brigitte Bako and Lee Majors. Her next film was the family drama “Benji: Off the Leash!”, as a van driver. With the start of the 2010s, her role in Hollywood increased and she worked on more projects.

In 2010 she was a van driver on “Frozen”, while in 2012 she was a van driver on three films, including “John Carter”, and “12 Dogs of Christmas: Great Puppy Rescue”.

She continued with high profile films – first it was the family drama film “Jackie & Ryan” (2014), starring Katherine Heigl and Ben Barnes, while in 2015 she worked on the western drama film “Wild Horses”, starring Robert Duvall, James Franco and Darien Willardson. After this, she was a driver for the film “Point Break” in 2015, while two years later had the same job on the film “Wind River”.

Before she died, Melanie worked on the TV series “Snatchers” (2017), and “Andi Mack” (2017), and in 2018 on the popular film “Hereditary”. Her last credit was the film “Good Joe Bell”, which is currently in post-production and scheduled for release later this year.

Stage Actress and Activist

Although she never appeared on screen, Melanie made some minor stage appearances in the past. Her interest was acting as well, and she attended acting classes at Westminster College.

She made a few appearances, but there are no details in which plays she showed her acting talents.

In addition to her work, Melanie found time to give back to the community, and supported numerous causes, including climate change reforms, then preservation of Utah’s natural sites, and human rights, among others.

Melanie Olmstead Net Worth, Height, Weight, and Appearance

Melanie became popular after her death, but during her life, she made a big contribution to show business, and all her work added to her wealth.

According to sources, Melanie’s worth was as high as $300,000, at the time of her death.

Melanie’s vital statistics are unknown, as well as her height and weight, but she had a slim figure. She had green eyes and reddish hair.

Melanie Olmstead Personal Life, Marriage, Sexuality, Cause of Death

Melanie was a quirky character and had a lot of friends. She was close to many people from films and series on which she worked, which emphasises the credit on the show “Yellowstone”.

She was a lesbian, and was married to Annalise Ford; the two tied the knot in January 2016, while they started their romance in 2014. The couple didn’t have children together.

Following Melanie’s death, her partner held a celebration of life in Melanie’s name, and many of her friends praised her and her accomplishments. Some of the messages read “I’m so sorry for all the people who were lucky enough to cross Mel’s path. Rarely have I met a woman who could equal her integrity”.

Melanie died on the 25th May 2019, in Salt Lake City; the cause of her death is yet to be revealed to the public, though some sources state that it was suicide, but nothing has been confirmed until the present day. For now, her death remains a mystery, and let’s hope that this will soon be resolved. Perhaps coincidentally, her horse passed away just a month later.