Wildlife Cameraman Hamza Yassin Personal and Professional Life, What You Need To Know

Born in Sudan, Hamza Yassin had moved to Scotland at a very young age. He is now living his dream as one of the country’s popular wildlife photographers. 

Hamza Yassin is a wildlife photographer and expert. He is well known for presenting popular wilderness shows like Countryfile and Animal Park

In 2021, he had also appeared with Ben Miller and Martin Clunes to travel to the Scottish Wilderness. Continue to know more about him in detail.

Wildlife Expert Hamza Yassin’s Age

Hamza Yassin appears to be in his late thirties or early forties according to age.

He is a Scottish-born Sudanese who has not shared any information about his parentage.

Hamza Yassin’s Wikipedia & Bio: Who Is The Scottish Wilderness Photographer?

Hamza Yassin is a Sudanese-born Scottish wildlife photographer and expert.

His first step into presenting had begun on BBC’s The One Show as one of their cameramen. Soon, he got his own show titled CBeebies.

Yassin has also presented Let’s Go For A Walk, Countryfile, Animal Park, etc.

However, it is Channel 4’s documentary ‘Scotland: My Life in the Wild’, that showed his true passion for the wilderness.

In the four parted series, Hamza Yassin had worked with  Ben Miller, Richard Coles, Martin Clunes, and Baroness Warsi.


As for qualifications, Yassin has done MSc. in Biological Imaging and Photography. He has done a BSc. in Zoology with Conservation.

In most of his shows, we have also witnessed his ornithologist skills and habitat knowledge.

Moreover, Hamza had produced a promotional video for the 25th Anniversary of the Bird Fair in 2013. He currently lives in a rural part of Scotland.

Is Hamza Yassin Married? His Partner Or Wife Details

Hamza Yassin has not revealed anything about his wife or girlfriend. He has no children either.

He does, however, like the company of children, much like wildlife.

Check Out Hamza’s Masterpieces On His Instagram

Hamza Yassin has a big fanbase on Instagram. On the platform, he appears with the handle name @hamzayassin90.

The wildness expert has a total of 9,277 followers and has shared 128 posts, which are mostly related to his adventures.

Besides Instagram, Yassin is also seen on Facebook and Twitter as @hamzayassinphotography.

Hamza Yassin’s Net Worth & Salary As A Wildlife Photographer

Hamza Yassin has an estimated of around $2 million USD. He has been part of several wildlife complexes and documentation projects in past.

His salary at Deborah McKenna Limited (DML) is over $100,000 per year, with no restrictions on further benefits.