Wizkid Slammed By His first Baby Mama As An ‘Internet based life Daddy’ In Wild Rant — and She Has Receipts


New fight alarm! The mother of Wizkid’s first youngster went OFF on him in a wild Instagram rage for not being available in their child’s life, and she posted a progression of instant messages to demonstrate her point.

Wizkid just got CALLED OUT by Ogudugu Oluwanishola, the mother of his child, via web-based networking media. Ogudugu kept nothing down in a lenghty Instagram message, in which she hammered Wizkid for making himself resemble a decent father on Instagram, however not really investing the exertion in the background. “You never needed to do anything readily until the point that they actually pursue and power you to,” she wrot. “Once in a while I watched you assume all the acknowledgment to no end while I get all the bashing. Despite everything I wouldn’t fret, God was taking me some place. For each time I obliged you to please man up and play out your protective obligations, you gave me affronts, called me a wide range of names, or square my number from calling or informing you. Indeed, even said I was the greatest mix-up you made throughout everyday life.”

She additionally shared a few screen captures of different messages between herself in Wizkid as evidence of his critical remarks toward her. In one content, he stated, “U need to begin acting like a mother and not too bad lady and quit tossing yourself here. Regardless of whether u would prefer not to have sense, consider ur kid. Appreciate ur day. Read back ur messages and think. So edgy for what u will never have. Get a vibrator or something. What’s more, demonstration like somebody’s mother. In any event that is the thing that somebody calls u.” obviously, that was only one of MANy messages she shared. In other content chains, she sent different messages consecutively about the kid, without even a reaction from Wizkid.

“You thought about yourself and how the general population saw you,” Ogudugu included. “For whatever length of time that people in general considered you to be great, at that point for what reason do you need to pressure, for what reason do you need to play out your paternal obligations. You tattoed his name so the world can consider you to be a cherishing daddy. I generally asked why you rushed to send garments and shoes. Much to I’s dismay that as for appearances. Indeed, even the Star Boy chain and other adornments you guaranteed you got for him. Did you or did you not gather it back!? Web based life daddy. Continuously so fast to do what potrayed you as great to the general population instead of show genuine love, care and support to your own particular fragile living creature and blood.”


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