Wooh Da Kid

Quick Facts

Birth Date February 23,1985
Full Name Wooh Wooh Kid
Birth Name Wooh
Profession actor, rapper
Nationality American

Wooh Da Kid is a famous music artist in the United States who has risen his fame through the songs like  Body bag, Duck Tape, Everything brick squad,  Brick squad anthem, Dope head,  9 a.m. feat, I don’t understand,  lethal injection, and many others.

He is also an actor who has starred in more the eight music videos like Waka Flocka Flame, Gucci Mane, So Icey Boys: Shirt Off, O.J Da Juiceman & Gucci Mane, Get Up Off Me, and many more others.

How was Wooh early years?

Wooh, the lead singer of The Dope, was born in the Queens neighborhood of New York City. On February 23, 1985, he was born. Although Kid was born in the New York City borough of Queens, he was reared and grew up with his family and siblings in Atlanta, the state of Georgia’s capital.

When he was only two years old, he was given the moniker Wooh Da Kid. Behind the scenes, his real name is still unknown. Along with being a well-known rapper and actor, he is well-known throughout the world due to his stage name. Because of his supporting parents, he was able to pursue his passions and aspirations from a young age.

Who is Wooh Father?

The well-known talent manager Debra Antey’s son is the American artist Kid. She is also an accomplished actress who has been in numerous well-known television programs, including Hip Hop Uncovered and Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta.

On social media, his mother Debra is also highly active and has a sizable fan base. The identity of Kid’s father, however, remains a mystery.

Waka Flocka Flame’s sibling

The well-known American rapper Juaquin James Malphurs, also known by his stage name Waka Flocka Flame, and the actor Kid are siblings. His notoriety has grown thanks to songs like “Hard in Da Paint,” “Grove Street Party,” “Round of Applause,” “The First,” “Game On,” and numerous others.

Kid is fortunate to have three siblings. Rappers include his siblings Waka Flocka Flame, Rahleek Malphurs, Kayo Redd, and more. His two brothers, however, are deceased.

Why did Kid Redd’s brother commit suicide?

Kid Redd’s brother, Kayo Redd, a well-known rapper, is deceased. The tracks like “Chill Out,” “Hypnotized,” “Goin’ Down,” “Full-Time Grind,” and many others helped him become a well-known rapper.

He was born on June 1st, 1986 in the American borough of Queens in New York City. but passed away at the age of 27 on December 29, 2013, in Georgia, USA.

According to the police inquiry, it was claimed that he committed suicide as the cause of his death. He shot himself in the head with a gun after a thorough inquiry failed to reveal the cause of his suicide. The cause of his suicide, though, has not yet been made public in the media.

What is Wooh Height and Weight?

Wooh Da Kid is a young, well-known rapper with a handsome and endearing demeanor. He is a nice height as well. He has not, however, made his exact height and weight available online.

Wow, look at the young person rubbing his hands together while posing for the picture. Image from Last. fm

Black eyes and black hair, which are characteristics of African natives, have enhanced his attractiveness and charisma.

Is Wooh active on social media?

Like other celebrities, Wooh Da Kid is quite active on social media. Compared to other social media platforms, he spends more time on Twitter and Soundcloud.

On Twitter, he is followed by 3241 people and has 106.4K followers under the handle @WoohDaKidBSM. On his official Twitter account, he updates both his personal and professional life. And on his official SoundCloud account, he has 1.4K subscribers. On his official SoundCloud account, he has published nineteen songs.

Mixtape for kids

A music mixtape with approximately an hour of songs was released by Kayo Redd’s siblings and their siblings. Numerous people enjoyed the song, and it is economically successful.

The track was made available on the well-known Crucial Mixtapes YouTube channel. By 2022, the channel had more than 100,000 subscribers. It is a channel run by both of Kid’s brothers, Waka Flocka Flame and the latter.

Wah Kid Waka Flocka movie Kid, Flame’s sibling, appeared in OJ Da Juiceman: Got Juice? 2009 saw the film’s release. The film was a financial success and has earned a great deal of notoriety among the general population.

Wow, the young person posed for the picture while acting furious and holding his hands like handcuffs. Image from Discogs

The film also centers on the life and career of rapper OJ da Juiceman, starting with his time as a hustler in the streets of Atlanta. It demonstrates the hardships and diligence a rapper had to put in.

How much is Wooh net worth?

Wooh Da Kid has a $1.5 million total net worth. Through his prosperous career as an actor, singer, songwriter, and musician, he has access to such a large quantity. He doesn’t operate a business of his own or do anything else that might make him money in addition to his job.

Similar to him, Waka Flocka Flame has a $7 million overall net worth. Through his prosperous career as an actor, singer, songwriter, and musician, he has access to such a large quantity. He does not, however, operate a business of his own or undertake any other activities that would help him make money aside from his job.

“Geek Show” by Kid Song

Greek Show is a song that the vocalist of fatal injection has released. The song was well-liked and became popular, gaining a lot of followers.

On the Dave Boys YouTube channel, the song was made available. More than 50,000 people subscribe to the YouTube channel.

What is Wooh Relationships Status?

One of the young, up-and-coming celebrities who has recently maintained a presence in the spotlight and prefers to keep his status low-key is Wooh Da Kid.

Wow, the young person posed for the picture while donning eyeglasses, a white t-shirt, and raising his two fingers.

Wow, the young person posing with his two fingers raised, sporting glasses and a white t-shirt. There is no information to suggest that the charming Da Kid is dating or involved in a relationship, but there is no guarantee that he is.

Additionally, he might be single and concentrating on his job, or he might be in a relationship but keeping it a secret from the public.

Kid’s Brother Rahleek Died In An Accident

Rahleek Malphurs, Kid’s sibling, passed away in 2000 at the age of twelve. He was born on November 13, 1989, in the Queens Boroughs of New York City, New York, in the United States.

After receiving a bike as a gift from the school, he was coming home when the neighbor’s car struck his bike. He was on his way home when he was killed in an accident in front of his house. Just hours before his passing, he was promoting his just released song mixtape, Redd Kisses. For his supporters, it was simply a heartbreaking circumstance.


Kid, the performer of the “Brick Squad Anthem,” avoids controversy. He hasn’t yet been associated with any scandals that have made headlines in the media.

Instead of getting into any controversy over the course of his career, he has won the hearts of millions of people thanks to his incredible acting abilities.

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